A Family Lifestyle offers a chance for other writers to share their work.
Unfortunately, at this time, PAID writing opportunities are closed.
However, we do offer the following options to share your work on A Family Lifestyle (UNPAID).

• Guest Blog Posts – you can write a specialty post that falls into one of our categories (Family, Home Front, DIY, Health, Food & Wine). This should be unique to A Family Lifestyle, and has not been published in any other publication.

• Featured Post – this is a post that you have written for your own site that you are sharing with us. We will post a portion of the article on our own site and link back to the full-length article on yours.

• Syndicated Posts – this is a post published from another location. As long as you have the rights to republish this post in other locations we are willing to share it on our site and tag it’s first published location.

Submission Requirements:
Send an email to submissions@afamilylifestyle.com with the Subject Line – AFL Submission. Submissions should be 500-1000 words in length. DO NOT ATTACH A DOCUMENT WITH YOUR POST. All submissions with attachments will be rejected.

Indicate the following in the email:
• Category post belongs in; indicate the type of submission (guest, featured, syndicated). If you are pitching a featured or syndicated article please provide the link to the originally published version.
• Suggested Title of the piece
• Full length article in the body of the email. DO NOT PITCH A PIECE OR MULTIPLE PIECES IN ONE EMAIL. SUBMIT THE PIECE IN THE EMAIL. All other formats will be rejected.
• A 2-3 sentence bio at the end of the article. This should contain any links to your own site, or portfolio. If you don’t have those, just a summary about yourself. You should include any social media handles in the bio.

A Family Lifestyle edits every guest post piece submitted to the site to fit our publishing style. Be prepared for your piece to be edited. If you do not like edits and don’t want your piece changed in any way, please do not submit your work. We do not offer backend access to the site for writers at this time. The final format of your piece will be done by our editors. Your edited piece will be returned to you before publication in the text of an email. Any links or other promotional items included in articles submitted are subject to review by our editors. It is A Family Lifestyle’s choice to link to other sites, and which sites we link to. We have the right to refuse to link out to certain sites.

A Family Lifestyle has the right to reject any or all pieces submitted for publishing. If we like your piece you will be notified within 7 days of submission with an estimated publishing date. We try to respond to every submission. If you do not hear from us within a week assume your piece has not been chosen. You may submit original pieces elsewhere at that time.

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