A Family Lifestyle is beginning some new fun ideas!

Spring Theme Hand-Drawn or Graphic Vector Art Coloring SheetĀ 
We are looking for young artists to feature their work! We are currently looking for submissions of coloring sheets that are hand-drawn or vector graphic art. We will present them in a post as a download for kids in the Spring theme.

Submissions should be from youth ages 0-18 years old. Please email info@afamilylifestyle.com. Attach the pdf of the art, and include the artist name (or just the first name if you would prefer), their age and any other bio information you might like included. We will not publish locations of the artist, or last names of youth.

Deadline for spring art: 4-30-16.

Product & Business Reviews
Do you own an at-home businessĀ or small business that offers products and services that fit a family lifestyle? We do reviews of products and share about small businesses on our site. If you think your product or service would serve our audience send us an introduction email: info@afamilylifestyle.com. We will contact you if we think it’s a good fit.