The Bryant family lives in Upstate New York. They moved from the country to the suburbs and are dedicated to family life.



They share their tips & secrets from home renovation, raising their 5-year-old son, country and suburban living, food & wine tips and more! They like to keep life simple, find the fun things in life, and live healthy, and well. Their family members and friends, an important part of their life, share their awesome skills in gardening, food, wine, family, health and more on this blog.



Our owner, Keith is a vintage car enthusiast. He owns a 1969 Chevelle and the whole family can be found at most local car shows! He will be contributing to health, family and more!

Kate, his wife, and managing editor and contributor loves wine, good food, and social fun. You can find her working in her small gardens, brainstorming craft ideas, in search of new projects and being a mom to Parker!

Kate’s writing has been on HuffPost Parents blog, The Mighty blog, as well as her blog It’s Not Just a Virus. She has written a book How To Get A Diagnosis that helps empower parents to seek answers for their child’s undiagnosed medical condition. She has also written for various print publications.

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