If you haven’t noticed we have been a bit inactive this summer of 2017. I am so sorry about that. But it’s for a good reason! I am so excited to announce that I have been building a new project that I want to share with you!


Simply Mindful Wellness – Healthy Lifestyle Coaching & Programming
I have decided to take all of my degrees and backgrounds and share them through wellness programming online, in person locally and one-on-one that suits your needs. I have some amazing programming coming up this fall.

Come on over and check out our site here. If you want to sign up early you can, but I will promote this again as we get closer. I have an awesome FREE challenge starting Sept. 18. It’s a 7 Day Simply Healthy Habits Challenge. You will get 1 challenge a day (and they are slow starting so don’t panic nobody changes overnight). You work toward achieving these new 7 behaviors throughout the week and hopefully find some tips and tools to help you achieve them beyond! See how you can participate and how it works here.

Feel like you need longer than 7 days? Most people do! We are offering a 30 Day Simply Start Challenge that begins shortly after the 7 day ends and lasts up until right before Thanksgiving! This program gives you recipes, books, tools and more help to achieve longer lasting results in eating, meal planning, fitness, stress and more! And my goal is to offer a very special Holiday Help program that will help you stay focused on fitness and eating goals throughout this holiday season. That will lead right up to New Year’s where we can set some personal goals for an extended program, or start over in the 7 Day challenge if you can’t make the first one.

By the new year 2018 I hope to have created specialized program as well for those people (and children) who live with autoinflammatory and autoimmune disorders. My programs will be FREE and extended beyond. I will offer up health tools and tips to live a lower inflammation lifestyle (from food, to activity and more) and detox your home from inflammatory agents. Why is this a specialty for me? As you may have seen on this blog, we already work toward a less chemical and more natural home, but both myself and my son live with conditions that fit these categories – SLE (lupus) and PFAPA (a periodic fever syndrome).

If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change and living a healthier life – come on over. Sign up for our emails and get a FREE e-book – 10 Steps to a Leaner Healthier You. Sign up for any of our upcoming challenges and join our Facebook group! The General Group is a closed group for followers that want MORE FREE tips, tools, recipes and information about upcoming programs.

Thanks so much for hanging with us through this slow time on A Family Lifestyle. We are creating some truly amazing programs out of all the fabulous health information we have been sharing here.

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Kate Bryant

Kate is a mother, wife, writer, and more! Her writing has been on Huffington Post Parents Blog, The Mighty, as well as other publications.