In our house, I will readily admit I am not the person who usually dusts or cleans windows. That is my husband. The rest of the cleaning usually falls to me, but these two items are his usual duty. It’s not because he likes them, but because I hate them. I hate the spraying and the wiping and the streaks. What a mess!

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The Window Cloth
When I received my kit to test out some (great) Norwex products I really didn’t think it was possible to clean your windows with just a cloth. We have tried all types of homemade window cleaner and store bought in the past. Nothing was impressive. We were still left with [mostly] clean windows and a lot of streaking.

I decided to give this new cloth a try on my own. Not only on the windows but all of our large builder-grade mirrors in the house. I wanted to see how well this thing worked. I have to admit, it’s rather impressive. Take a look.

The dog’s favorite place to sit and slobber is the front three windows. He has a great street view of our neighborhood. He can bark and observe to his own delight. But that leaves a gross mess all over the windows that needs frequent cleaning. On top of that little (dirty) hands are always all over the back windows of our house and our large slider. See what a difference?! Left photo; see the yucky slobber on the right side of the window near the chair. Then on the right image, you can see it’s clear glass no slobber.

To use this cloth, use a damp Enviro cloth to clean the dirt and then polish the window with the Window Cloth after. I wiped the rest of the dog drool windows. Then I did the rest of the house and bathroom mirrors. All of which were very clean and streak free. No sprays, no chemicals, just clean.

Dusting Mitt
The next item up was the dusting mitt. As I have mentioned, my husband is great at dusting. But he always used a store-bought brand of a spray which I never wanted. This mitt is a great alternative to spraying and provides just as clean a finish.

The dust is pulled into the mitt rather than into the air flying around your house. The mitt is used dry. You clean it after use in the sink (or washing machine with other lint-free items or Norwex cloths) with the sink or laundry detergent from Norwex.

As you can see after a month of not cleaning the ceiling fan, or dusting in our bedroom, it was a task. The mitt was fully saturated after each swipe (it was VERY dirty – this is the one place my husband hadn’t dusted). I emptied the larger dust bunnies into the trash to continue using the mitt.

What I loved about this mitt is it allowed me to easily reach and wipe. I could reach in between the decor of the fan and wipe the small spaces with my thumbs. I could easily swipe across each surface and I was done!

Cleaning the Window Cloth & Dust Mitt
What is also great about both of these items is the ease of cleaning them after. I have been hand washing them with a bit of Norwex laundry detergent (see below) in a large bowl in the sink. It’s so easy and I just hang them dry on my basement drying rack.

If you don’t want to hand wash and hang dry, you can wash them with other lint-free items, or other Norwex cloths in your machine with the Norwex laundry detergent. Dry them on low in your dryer.

You can also use the dish soap Norwex makes to hand wash these items in your sink.

Now here is where it really was an experiment in my house. As my readers know, I have made my own laundry detergent in the past for myself and my husband. However, my son was still unable to tolerate even that (or any store-bought brand) on his skin. We used straight up soap nuts for him and that is the only thing he would not react to.

We took a leap of faith. We washed ALL of our clothes, including our son’s laundry with the Norwex HE detergent.


The clothes came out clean, and NOBODY had a rash! It was amazing. I can truly say I am shocked. I was so pleased to see the price as well. The 100 loads pouch is only $24.99 and that is a deal! That breaks down to about $.25/load. This is an awesome price. Note: You may not get quite the same result depending on the sizes of your laundry loads in terms of quantity of loads per pouch. Larger loads need larger detergent amounts according to the instructions.

I really liked the easily explained directions on the pouch and the included measuring cup. It was easy to know where the detergent belonged in my new HE machine also. If you are struggling to learn about the best efficiency for your machine check out this article.

I was also so excited to learn this 100-load pouch of Norwex detergent is cheaper per load than what I was making at home – by half! It isn’t cheaper than soap nuts, however, being able to have one detergent that works for all clothes makes my house run more smoothly. No more soaking the nuts and planning ahead. I can throw my son’s smaller loads in with our smaller loads now and combine washes! Thus saving, water, energy and cost!

This detergent is safe for the environment, HE machines and your body.



What is different about Norwex products?
These cloths (and they offer towels also) are a specialized microfiber that is extra absorbent and lint-free. Not only can it absorb and remove liquid and debris from the countertop, but it fights germs with a BacLock® antibacterial agent in the fibers of the cloth.

This is a great idea because the cloth can self-clean while in use (until heavily soiled). It removes the germs from your surface without leaving behind chemicals. It isn’t killing the germs, but removing them. That means you won’t be creating more germs, and super bugs, off your counter tops. With surface spray cleaners you are leaving behind chemicals, and a method for germs to learn and grow stronger if they are not dead.

You shouldn’t, and can’t, use cleaning spray or regular detergents on your Norwex cloths (check out each item’s care description on the site.) Using cleaning spray or detergents will ruin the awesome microfiber, BacLock® cleaning power. The point of these cloths, and this cleaning system is you don’t need anything but water. If you should need additional cleansers, Norwex offers ideas of safe cleaners and detergents to use to clean their towels. Check out their Dishwashing Liquid.

How does this all add up?
You will be saving money (and your health!) by not purchasing cleaning sprays for the windows and surfaces. You are also saving money on the Norwex detergent compared to other brands and soaps of the same type and value. Norwex estimates you save about $600 a year by using their products. They are safer for your home and the environment.

If you want to see other ways Norwex offers cleaning solutions for your home, check out last week’s post about the kitchen cloth, the enviro cloth and the body cloth!

To learn more about Norwex and their opportunities you can read about those here.

Share with us what you use in your home. Coming up next week – even more ways to cut down on paper products and waste in your home – using [and making] cloth napkins!

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